Estimates on a finishing of locations

Estimates on furnish of premises

The size of expenses at arrangement of your house can be estimated. Competently made estimate plays an important role for distribution of the finance on time, planning of terms of painting and decorating, deliveries of materials and the equipment.

Experts of design studio the МЕТР will make the adequate estimate on furnish of your premises. At estimating on painting and decorating, we consider market quotations and norms.

The estimate contains volumes of resources (materials). At will of the client, division of the resources got by the customer and the contractor, planning of financial expenses of the customer and delivery of resources (materials) to building on time of performance of works is possible.

The budget documentation along with the contract defines obligations of the customer and the contractor during execution of works.

The estimate can be counted for work with firm, the construction superintendent employing a brigade, напрямю working with the customer. The different degree of quality of carried out works can be considered.

For estimating we use program DefSmeta (a site of the developer: