Interior dressing allows to fill with paints even the most boring premises.

Dressing includes:

    * Professional selection of finishing materials.

    * illumination System engineering. Selection of fixtures.

    * Selection of a home decoration (furniture, equipment, accessories etc.)

Thus all subjects will be picked up in uniform style, supplementing each other. The main task of the set dresser - creation of uniform harmonious space according to wishes of the client.

Dressing - a separate art form to seize which is given not to everyone.

To professionals of our design studio the МЕТР on-forces to fill space with sense, to give celebratory mood, to unite functional and decorative mission of a home decoration.

    * Prior to the beginning of works we will necessarily find out tastes, preferences and wishes of the customer. And also the desirable budget of the project.

    * We will make exact measurements of premises, apertures, zones.

    * we Will pick up color scale and the invoice.

    * we Will make together with the customer the nomenclature of elements of an interior. We will develop and will create an exclusive home decoration and accessories.

    * we Will execute sketches of the future interior.

    * we Will place and we will arrange subjects on объетке.

Our experts will process wishes of the client in competently built interior.