Design of interiors

One of comfort indispensable conditions is arrangement of surrounding space according to character, temperament, habits, predilections of inhabitants.

Conditions of vacation spots should promote a relaxation, and the working space is made out taking into account optimum conditions for work. But in that and in other case, the interior should cause only pleasant emotions.

Working out of beautiful, harmonious space according to functionality and desires of the client - not such simple problem. Art to find a side between the most improbable idea and a practicality - a sign of the professional.

The wide experience of our experts allows to be engaged in working out of design of interiors of any complexity. Transformation of space of the client according to its desires is carried out in a combination to requirements of norms and safety precautions. Each project is unique, in design creation there can not be sample decisions and the ideas put on a stream. To each order at us an individual approach.

    * We consider object вцелом. The design is created so that all subjects were not only stylish, were combined with each other, but also conditions were convenient in usual life.

    * for us representation about beauty and comfort of the client is Important. The attitude, a way of life, mood of the customer is considered by the designer in project working out.

    * premise Alteration can include, as simply kosmeticheski-decorative decision which allows to change sensation of the size of space and light exposure, and serious re-plannings with carrying over of walls and communications.

    * Multiroom аппартаменты or small-sized apartment, office or a trading premise, досуговый the center or a public catering point - for us everywhere is broad lands for rational improvements and art finds.

    * We constantly watch the market of technological innovations, we trace occurrence of the advanced materials - all it allows to create original and modern images of projects.

    * Our experts will sustain object in uniform style or can pick up mixture of styles, pertinent and harmoniously entered in surrounding space.

    * We precisely know that professionally executed design project is pledge of the future successful repair.