Authoring attending

For this purpose, that the project was осуществелен in that kind in which it has been conceived, we are ready to offer the client author's support.

Author's support includes:

    * Departures on object.

    * Check of works.

    * the Decision of the questions which have arisen at the contractor or the customer under the documentation.

    * Quality check of civil and erection works for observance of constructive stability of object and achievement of necessary result.

    * Participation in acceptance of the latent works. Check on conformity of the executed works to the project.

    * Entering in the course of works of necessary updatings.

    * Selection, the order, control of delivery and installation of a necessary home decoration.

    * Control of conformity of materials to the design project.

    * Consultations at each stage of an embodiment of the project in life.

Author's support of the project gives to the client an exact guarantee of an embodiment of the project completely and will keep its time and nerves.