Architectural designing

Architectural designing - difficult process of creation of a prototype of the future building which consists of several stages and demands the attentive approach for task in view realization. Without having given enough time and attention to the project, having entrusted drawing up of the project to nonprofessionals, the customer risks to appear before necessity "on the move" to solve unexpectedly arisen problems.

Experts of design studio the МЕТР are ready to provide working out of the qualitative project, as enough simple building, and the most difficult.

    * To us on-forces to create, both the standard project, and the individual architectural designing connected with creation of a unique building or a construction. We are ready to execute, as the project "on a turn-key basis", and to design separate system.

    * Our experts prior to the beginning of project creation, will specify wishes of the client concerning a total area of object, the size, этажности, quantities of demanded premises, mission of each premise, necessity of equipment of object lifts, a boiler-house, ventilation and air-conditioning systems etc.

    * We will create general layout schemes, and also поэтажные plans of the future building. Thus we are guided, as observance of all town-planning, sanitary, ecological norms and requirements, and wishes of the customer.

    * Our experts will create the outline sketch with working out поэтажных plans with an arrangement of apertures, ladders, a vertical cut of a building, color score variants, architectural designing of facades that is an important stage in designing which helps to count various parameters of object in details.

    * We can trace all details of object in details, in a complete kind, and also with drawings and schemes. We will develop the design documentation consisting of text and graphic parts with references to rules and technical standards.

    * We will consider in the project the engineering communications necessary for the project building materials. We will supply the design documentation with the detailed building estimate.

Qualitative drawings and exact calculations will give the chance to the client, even prior to the beginning of building to have exact idea about the end result.