All begins with the project

Even prior to the beginning of works on the project it is necessary for you: first, to realize scale and possible consequences of started action, secondly, to estimate its conformity with your vital needs and financial possibilities, thirdly, to formulate the most important requirements to the future object.

You have two ways.

The first it is independent to understand variety of new technologies and building materials, to think up a new lay-out taking into account technical specifications, to choose style and color scale.

The second way is to address to the professional architect-designer. Its problem - creation of beautiful, cozy and non-standard space.

On the first meeting with the designer you can come without any certain requirements, but with readiness to answer many questions answers on which will lay down subsequently in a design assignment basis.

To begin with your desire is necessary only. It is good, if you have with itself a plan of premises (log) and the information on quantity of the future inhabitants and necessary for all personal and general spaces. So the first conversation will be productive. The designer will try to allocate in the general view most important points which will lay down in a basis of the future project.

The main task of the designer - to underline advantages and to hide apartment lacks.

Designing and interior design - process creative, individual, but exist also the general principles of designing:

Your wishes can be up to standard of ideas: "All life dreamed of the big bathroom and it would be necessary an office - it is necessary to work at home". The rest - business of the expert. Initial ideas should be issued in the form of sketches and sketches. It can be планировочные decisions (three - four variants) all space, sketches of separate elements.

The following meeting with the designer should pass in the spirit of constructive criticism - you reject that isn't pleasant to you, and leave that is pleasant, from all offered variants. Some kind of mixture of projects and promotion of new ideas. Pay attention to reaction of the designer - if it the professional its position "on that party of barricades" is unacceptable, it should work with you in one command! Mutual understanding between you - pledge of the successful project if it is absent, I think, it is better to refuse the further work with this designer.

The designer should be even the psychologist, able to understand and feel predilections of the client and to create to it comfortable, convenient vital space.

The apartment or country house share on zones, each of which bears the functional loading: a zone of a dream, rest, a working zone (office), the general zone (drawing room), preparation and food intake (a dining room, kitchen), a hall (vestibule), a bathroom and a toilet, a nursery etc.

Each room can contain simultaneously some zones, for example, in a bedroom it is possible to place a workplace or to provide a place for the TV and video, to equip a minicoffee house.

Natural restriction is the area - each functional element, a bed or a case, the TV or a coffee table, occupies the certain area, including an occasional seat for normal access. It is possible to tell that each function in the house "costs" so much square (actually cubic) meters.

Other restriction - reasonable sufficiency: in the presence of the big floor space it is possible to make functionally independent habitation of each room, but whether it is necessary? Fashionable last two years drawing room and kitchen association gradually loses the attractiveness - in such decision there is a number of minuses: absence of sound insulation, "transparency" for smells and light.

Behind all "adaptability to manufacture" and "correctness" of approaches to interior design in a reality there is a weight of exceptions and natural your desires, though and not always correct from the point of view of professionals. Choosing and confirming the design project, first of all "listen" to itself, even the most functional decision which to you not to liking, won't work! Eventually to live in this house it is necessary to you and your native. In practice, by the way, to the general opinion the future tenants most difficultly come.

The good designer - as the family doctor. It will be your irreplaceable adviser and after repair end. He can be entrusted registration of old collections, search of a padded stool of the dream, to tell in secret about future replenishment of a family - and the designer will offer you the best decision of a room question.

The leading expert of design studio "MЕТР" Julia Gusarova.