Truth about kitchen

Speaking about kitchen, designers joke that people do not kitchen under a premise, and a premise finish under kitchen set. That is at first order, and buy kitchen, and then, considering, where should be brought water, the electricity and gas, do repair. Style of kitchen sets the fashion both to table layout, and mood of visitors and mistresses. Sometimes the kitchen defines also shape of all apartment, after all recently even more often a kitchen zone unite from a drawing room.

Designing of kitchen space.

The kitchen is a special kind of furniture which rigidly becomes attached to space and doesn't suppose deviations in sizes.

There are four principal views of a lay-out of kitchen: U-shaped, L-shaped, single-row and двухрядная:

In each of these kinds of a lay-out the lines connecting three centers of activity - the refrigerator, a bowl and a plate make a so-called working triangle.

In correctly picked up triangle of distance between its tops are shown to a minimum that gives the chance to the mistress to approach to all necessary subjects, and doesn't hold down movements. It is necessary to avoid a lay-out at which movement in a triangle is at a loss. A bowl - the main center of activity which takes away from 40 to 46 % of all time spent on kitchen. In an ideal variant it should be in the center of a working triangle, approximately 1200 - 1800 mm from a plate and 1200 2100 mm from the refrigerator. A cooker place more close to a dining table. However it is necessary to remember, what exactly various traumas in this place more often occur. The plate should stand so that it couldn't be touched casually, passing through kitchen. Refrigerators and freezing chambers place in kitchen corners not to break off a working surface on separate small sites. The door of the refrigerator abroach shouldn't close itself free space.

Style of your kitchen.

Style of kitchen can be any - from classics to a modernist style. However, the fashionable design can quickly get out of fashion.

Color scale.

The color scale should help to relax or, on the contrary, to have stimulating influence. In kitchen which constantly overheats, are good cold tone - shades blue, gray and green. In dark kitchens it is better to use pastel tone - lemon, pink, pistachio, apricot, peach. Avoid the sated tones, contrast colors and difficult drawings on working surfaces of tables and small sites of walls.

Service life.

Service life of the kitchen equipment is defined by years. German factories are guided for 15-20 years, Finnish - on 10-15, Czech guarantee about 10 years of operation. The Russian manufacturers even at use of import accessories, speak only about 8-10 years. Italians suggest to change conditions each 5-6 years, but not because of quality of furniture and to struggle with stresses and monotony. Time of operation of kitchen furniture depends also on what materials were used at its manufacturing.

From what...

As a case material to manufacture of kitchens are applied (in decreasing order of the price) a tree, a multiplex, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and WSP (wood-shaving plate).

To furniture manufacture apply more than 40 breeds of wood. It carefully dry and process special structures for protection against environment influence. Has well proved also a natural material a multiplex - the thin layers of wood of various breeds glued divergently. This material is less subject to water influence, than an integral tree, and not deformed. More often to manufacturing of kitchens are applied modern WSP, MDF and other kinds of plates. If means allow, it is better to prefer MDF, as stronger and non-polluting material. At purchase of kitchen from WSP demand from the seller the hygienic certificate in which level of allocation of formaldehydes should be specified.

Material of skeletons, as a rule WSP. And the price depends on a way of assemblage. Cheaper assemblage on screws (kitchen sell in the form of boards which connect in skeletons on a place) is considered. The stuck together skeleton - is more expensive. The price of kitchens of one class and one country too happens different. For example SCAVOLINI is cheaper, than BINOVA (both is Italy) because in furniture of last quantity rabbets on unit are long a skeleton more, and the product is stronger.

And still the main role in pricing is played by facades. We will list their most popular finishing materials in decreasing order of the price: a file and an interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree under a transparent glossy varnish; high structural, or velvet, a varnish; acryle a different thickness; an interline interval of deciduous breeds and metal; melamine; glossy and matte plastic; film coverings.

What material to choose?

The wide assortment of materials allows to carry out one and туже design idea with different expenses. At times only the expert is capable to distinguish and estimate, say, an original file under a varnish from glossy plastic with the image of a structure of this wood. Or a natural interline interval from a film simulating it giving almost the same sensations by sight and to the touch. Acryle is similar to a glossy varnish, but with that difference that at mechanical damages the surface is easily restored by polishing.

Let's explain the term "a high varnish" that it became clear, why at it the high price: the effective brilliant covering is put on the technology similar to technology of tubeless painting of cars. The surface is grounded in the beginning, and then in some layers is painted with a color varnish. After drawing each layer completely dry up and grind.

Recently the increasing distribution to manufacture of the kitchen equipment gets metal. On face-to-face panels, including doors of cases, there is softer, in comparison a steel, aluminum with the anodized covering (raising its wear resistance) is more often. And polish the steel gives to kitchen an effective kind, but demands careful leaving.

Of modern high-strength glass do doors of cases and a shelf, after all furniture glass maintains not only the big weight, but also blows.

As facing materials for manufacture of kitchens natural both synthetic interline intervals and polymers - a laminate and melamine more often are used. At a covering of surfaces a natural interline interval wood is cut by a thin layer and then pasted to a standard basis. By means of synthetic interline intervals it is possible to simulate not only the tree, but also many other materials, and a special protective film replaces a varnish and different ways of finishing furnish.


As materials natural, synthetic and artificial stones are applied to working surfaces - table-tops - except the listed materials. They strong, are a little susceptible to acids; well transfer high temperature, but have porous structure, therefore on them stains from fats and wine are often formed.

Synthetic stones in what don't concede to natural analogs, and often and surpass them in a practicality. A basis of artificial stones - sand, quartz, acryle, fiber glasses, bauxite and strong binding. The artificial stone is easier natural, is simple in processing, is hygienic, maintains heating to 230 degrees on Celsius.

The laminate and melamine are used as artificial coverings for WSP and MDF. With melamine cover surfaces, which won't be exposed on the big mechanical loadings while the laminate more thickly, more strongly and is more durable, therefore from laminate plates do even table-tops.


At use of modern case accessories backlashes at assemblage don't exceed 0,1 mm, details densely adjoin to each other and aren't loosened in junctions even after long time. At assemblage are inserted into a cover from the elastic plastic protecting connections from mechanical damages.

Thanks to system of soft closing Blumotion, doors and boxes, both empty, and loaded move and closed smoothly, braking, without noise and pushes. And systems of full promotion give access to all contents.

Service life of kitchen furniture is defined by how it is frequent and with what force we close doors of lockers. On blows at closing of doors it is necessary three quarters of all mechanical damages. Loops of last generation allow to make easily adjustment in three directions (on width, height and depth) so that doors ideally adjoined to each other. One of secrets of production of firm Blum consists that already at factory in loops the special greasing is put, allowing to make operation "to open / to close" more than 200000 times, and it almost 100 years of non-failure operation.

There are the diversified systems of loops for door installation. In high-class kitchens the standard are the loops of system Clip allowing at general cleaning is simple to remove doors, and then to put them into place.

Stuffing and accessories.

"Clever" internal stuffing, as well as mechanisms - a subject of special pride of factories. Thanking it it is possible to use 99,9 % of volume of space. Cases are completed with any regiments, drawers, mesh pallets and trays. The technology of wall cases is that that their maintenance is easily accessible, in them it is simple to sort all necessary.

Sign of modern kitchen - the built in bulbs, with local illumination of a plate or a desktop. Various capacities, holders, baskets, drying for ware of a bar, a support for small subjects and tableware, sliding pantries of section, containers, roundabouts, dividers.

Let's count?

The tradition to measure kitchen cost in running meters of gets rid. It was necessary that buyer was guided in goods class. Price division used now into categories too is rather conditional: "де lux", "premium", "business", "house-keeper"...

The price is influenced by a way of assemblage of a skeleton; a material, used at manufacturing of facades; quality of accessories; the country-manufacturer; popularity of firm - the manufacturer; novelty of model.

The price in running meters.

Many sellers of kitchen furniture name to you base cost of running meter. How calculation of running meter of kitchen furniture and why it very often doesn't represent the facts is made?

When you order kitchen set, you should be ready to that will spend for 20-50 % more than to you the manager of salon will count, operating with concept "kitchen running meter".

Running meter cost is calculated in the simple way - the standard kitchen set consisting of the top and bottom cases undertakes, and its price shares for the length. But cost of angular elements always above (and it isn't counted up in running meter cost), besides a case with drawers will appear more expensively, than a case with one horizontal shelf.

Different elements of kitchen furniture at the identical sizes have different cost. For example a case-table with one door and a case-table with five drawers at the identical sizes differ in the price in 1,5 - 2 times. And the table with a sliding basket costs in 3 times more expensively, than same but with an opening door. But having put forward a basket you will get access to all its contents and won't kowtow once again.

Kitchen cost also depends on "stuffing" - numerous technical наворотов which do kitchen convenient for the mistress and allow to save essentially time for search of various subjects and time which leaves on that them to get. These are every possible sliding pantries of section, containers, angular turning elements, dividers of boxes on cells, ironing tables, trays. They are expensive enough.

How to lower kitchen cost.

The easier the design of kitchen models, the will cost more cheaply your furniture.

The more wide kitchen elements, the more cheaply a total cost of furniture for kitchen. One case long 90 sm is cheaper than two similar cases on a design on 45 Wide modules see are, by the way also it is fashionable!

Don't forget that complexity of a design of a furniture element is directly proportional to its price.

Additional finishing materials (glass, aluminum, etc.) - additional expenses. The less with glass doors, the cost of kitchen furniture there is less than kitchen modules.

Use of facades from MDF or a plasticity instead of a file. The natural tree it is prestigious and expensive. Modern technologies have allowed to raise quality of plastic and MDF. These materials differ special durability, wear resistance, thermal stability, moisture resistance etc., but cost cheaper thus considerably a tree.

The thought over design project.

If you understand in advance for yourselves as where to place on kitchen can avoid purchase of superfluous floor or hinged modules.

We hope that our short story will help you to orient and competently to choose and order new kitchen.

The leading expert of design studio "МЭТР" Julia Gusarova
Both the expert in deliveries and import Yury Fokin.