Drawing room

Where to put visitors? No, not in sense where them to show the door and where they are more convenient for inviting for the easiest and pleasant dialogue. Kitchen - a place secret, house, family, in Soviet period serving to a minidrawing room for reception of close friends while in the big room on the spread out sofa it is sweet children snuffled (at a socialism the apartment deservedly received from the state shared so: the big room, small "tram", a bathroom with a corridor and storeroom, kitchen of 6 meters). Not to drawing rooms, in general, was. A bourgeois excess. Today we try to organize our house space differently. And the drawing room by right becomes the apartment center, her face, which much can tell to visitors about character, hobbies and a way of life of owners, having hidden in other rooms household intimate details.

As a rule, all interior of a drawing room is fastened on any one semantic center. About two hundred years ago, such center was the fireplace at which in the evenings the family gathered, the arrived visitors got warm. Now such variant too is possible, after all rest, reliability and a cosiness always associate with a theme of the center, fire. But even more often the place of the semantic center is occupied with another, now too the integral thing in each family - the TV. Round it all other interior is built. First of all a sofa or the complete set "a sofa plus two armchairs". They are better for placing a corner or letter П that the attention sitting on them wasn't switched completely to the TV (a fireplace or something else). It is absolutely unessential to place all in the area of a wall. If the drawing room is spacious enough, creation of original islets of dialogue becomes an interesting variant. Variations with furniture can be any, it depends on the general style decision of the house or apartment, the sizes of a drawing room and that sum which you are ready to spend. Standard end of this islet - the small little table placed before a sofa or between armchairs. But this little table can become one of the most original details of a drawing room: a tree, glass, various incrustations, puzzle, marble or a granite - the choice is huge.

Any drawing room doesn't do without case furniture, whether it be a wall, a bookstack and souvenirs or every possible bedside tables. She creates rendered more habitable kind, and video - audio - is necessary after all somewhere to the technician to place. The main thing not to be overzealous - in a drawing room should be spacious.

More often the drawing room bears on itself and dining room function. If the sizes of a drawing room don't allow to designate at once a table zone, having put there the big table, use furniture - a transformer. On weekdays such table will be almost imperceptible, but on holidays you won't have problems where to place all visitors.

Drawing room, as a rule, the most light room, after all here the joyful mood always should reign. Therefore it is better to use warm colors: the beige, brown diluted yellow color. But if for you the drawing room is, first of all, a relaxation place it will be better to use tone of blue-green scale.

It is fashionable to make out now walls prints are bright photos with any motives (natural, city) the exaggerated sizes, usually from a floor to a ceiling. Prints practically in all workshops where do the large-format advertizing press are carried out. The special glamour considers use on textiles of the same drawing, as on a print.

Drawing room as the room concerning open zones, should be well shined. Besides a bright ceiling light, application of local illumination will be pertinent. It can be allocation of a zone of reading or simply way of creation of an intimate corner for heart-to-heart talk.

The interior of each drawing room is unique. To achieve it allows not only competent work of the designer, but also bright individuality of the customer. Favourite pictures on walls, the details specifying in a hobby of the owner, a photo of friends, the souvenirs brought from travel - from all it that we most of all appreciate at home - a cosiness and harmony also is created.

The most successful combinations of colors:


Two-three colors which are in a color circle nearby with each other - for example yellow, flavovirent and green

Colors, which are located in a circle the friend opposite to the friend (the most contrast each other colors) - for example, yellow and violet

All shades of one color - for example, shades red.

The colors which are from each other on 120 degrees (harmonious triad) - for example, violet, orange and green

As the color circle works.

For example, for a color score of an interior the successful will use for walls, an upholstery of furniture and other big surfaces the colors located in the next sectors of a circle (for example, the dark blue scale), and for bright accents (pillows, ceramics, etc.) to take the color which is opposite, that is the most contrast (orange) etc.

The leading expert of design studio "МЭТР" Julia Gusarova.