On the basis of long-term experience in area of design, architectural designing and dressing in 2000 official opening of design studio the МЭТР has taken place.

And today we have the invaluable luggage which has been saved up for all operating time:

    * Harmonious creative collective. We are proud of that our employees have not only the harmony innate sense, but also vocational training, and their knowledge are supported by experience.

    * the Partners which have been checked up on years of cooperation. We precisely know to whom to charge performance of the project developed by us and at whom to order the necessary equipment, materials, to the sanitary technician, furniture etc.

    * Our constant customers. We are grateful to them for trust of new and new projects.

We love the business. We respect opinion of clients. We care of reputation of design studio.

Constantly we trace new tendencies, we study modern materials, and we can embody even the daring ideas of clients.

To us on forces projects of any complexity and interiors from a glamour to shock.